The MTX1352FD is a central keel roller trailer ideal for RIB's and boats and yachts with a max load capacity of 1180kg.


P&D Trailers is proud to launch a fantastic trailer that combines the use of a tilt bed system with weight bearing keel rollers. With a whole range of trailers from 900 GVW (gross vehicle weight) to 3500kg and length loads from 5 meters to 8.5 meters, we have the perfect trailer for you. 

Many fixed central keel roller trailers have bunks meaning you generally must submerge the whole trailer to float your boat on. With the P&D trailers you can use the tilt bed roller system along with a clutch winch to pull your boat on to the trailer from the ground if required, works better with a little water. This means depending on type of slipway you may not need to get the wheels or axle wet enabling to get more life out of the trailer and its brakes and therefore worry-free towing. 




  • 7 Pin To 13 Pin Adapter. £9.95
  • Spare Wheel. £135.95
  • Spare Wheel Holder. £45.95
  • Spare Wheel Cover. (Protect Against UV) £12.95
  • Wheel Covers. (Protect Against UV) £12.95 each
  • Electric Remote Control Winch With Battery Box. £849.95
  • Walk Board. £159.95
  • Anti-Snake Hitch. £249.95
  • Hitch Lock. £19.95
  • Wheel Lock. £24.95
  • Foot Step. £19.95
  • Rinse Kit For Brakes. £149.95
  • Adjustable Prop Stands With Rollers. £169.95




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MTX1352FD Central Keel Roller Trailer (Max Boat Weight - 1180kg)

VAT Included
  • Model - MTX1352FD

    Type: Central Keel Roller

    GVW: 1700kg

    Load Capacity: 1180kg

    Overall Length of Trailer: 8.1m

    Bow Snubber to Rear of Trailer: 6.3m

    Width of Trailer: 2.05m

    Lighting Board Arm Max Length: 1.95m

    Wheels: 165 R13C