The PCK455 trailer is ideal for canoes with a max load capacity of 390kg.




  • 7 Pin To 13 Pin Adapter. £9.95
  • Spare Wheel. £135.95
  • Spare Wheel Holder. £45.95
  • Spare Wheel Cover. (Protect Against UV) £12.95
  • Wheel Covers. (Protect Against UV) £12.95 each
  • Anti-Snake Hitch. £249.95
  • Hitch Lock. £19.95
  • Wheel Lock. £24.95
  • Foot Step. £19.95




Stock image, product may differ for that pictured – please call for details.


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PCK455 Canoe Trailer (Max Boat Weight - 390kg)

SKU: PCK455390
VAT Included
  • Model - PCK455 Canoe Trailer

    GVW: 650kg

    Load Capacity: 390kg

    Net Trailer Weight: 260kg

    Max Boat Length: 

    Overall Length of Trailer: 5.7m

    Bow Snubber to Rear of Trailer: 

    Width of Trailer: 2m

    Number of Rollers (if applicable): 

    Lighting Board Max Arm Length: 1.95m

    Wheels: 155 R13